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Next Session
Monday, Aug. 10th 5pm (or when you can get there)
Parking TBD
***We will share boats – Please come even if you don’t own an RC boat – We will share controllers.  Let us know you’re coming at or just show up.

afety Requirements:
*Face masks required throughout the day.
**6′ social distancing.

*** Test drive the new Dragon Flite 95;  our club’s one design class ***

Madison’s smallest but fastest growing racing fleet introduced a new one-design class of radio controlled sailboat, the Dragon Flite 95.  Sails great, inexpensive, quick to assemble, easy to transport.  Although the boats are small, they still follow the same racing rules, tactics, and physics of peopled sailboats.  Best return of fun on time and money in sailboat racing.

Join the sailors listed.  Contact  for more information.

New Skippers DF-95
1) Eric Kerlow
2) Rick Martin
3) Scott Goetz
4) Tim Sugar
5) Kyle Metzloff
6) John Rather
7) Bob Hultz
8) Hugh/Clark Sugar
9) Dave Gorwitz
10) Jeff Horein
12) Collen Cassidy
13) Robert G.
14) Stefan Schmidt
16) Tom Atkins
17) Mike Barnett
18) Nick M.
19) Bill Hanson
20) Dave Elsmo
21) Clark F.
22) Colin S.
23) Don N.
24) Mark Johnson

Contact to learn how to get a Dragon Flite 95.

We sail off of one of three shores depending on the wind direction:
1) If wind N or S to SW we sail from the west shore, park near 429 Gammon Place behind the Starbucks on Gammon Road
2) If wind SE, NW or E or W park behind the VIP Asian Cuisine, 6722 Odana Rd.

Invitation to Sail
We are rejuvenating RC sailboat racing in the Madison area.  Just show up, take a guest boat controller and start sailing.  The more boats on the line, the better we showcase this unique category of sailboat racing.  Although the boats are small, they still follow the same racing rules, tactics, and physics of peopled sailboats.

***We will share boats – Please come even if you don’t own an RC boat – We will share controllers ***

Club News
We purchased a used dock section.  If goes well on the east side of our pond, we may add a second pier on the west side.
We found a place near the pond to lock a kayak or small canoe. Does anyone have one to lend or donate to the club?

Greg Jackson Memorial Regatta Summary:
Sunday Oct 13th 2019 regatta had 11 skippers on the line, including three guests from northern Wisconsin. 18 races completed in the brisk, westerly winds.  Top three finishers were #1 John Rather, #2 Tim Sugar, #3 Clark Fremgen.  Of note too was Tim Elfenbein who took two bullets before leaving at noon.

Fall 2017
Excellent weekly racing with up to 9 boats on the line.
Great Greg Jackson Memorial regatta with our new DF-95 one design class.

6/19/17 Great start to our DF-95 fleet.  6 boats, awesome sailing in the SW breeze.  Impressive one design quality of the fleet, really similar point and speed.

Fall 2016 series successful with many races, skippers and lots of fun
9/18/16 Started fall series, 5 skippers.  SW 5-10
5/15/16 Madison Water Sport Expo.  Got controllers into the hands of several potential skippers.  Floating dock on Monona Bay worked well.
2016 Spring Series went off excellently with 4 sessions, 8 participants, one new ODOM owner.
10/4/15: Greg Jackson Memorial Regatta went off fantastically.  11 participants with skippers from as far away as Minneapolis.  Sailing from the south shore excellent NE winds 8-12 knots allowed 12 races.  Close racing resulted in a three way scoring tie for first.  Had to go deep into the race heats to determine the winner, Terry Mackey with 5 bullets.  Everyone wanted to do it again.
Fall Series:
9/20 4 ODOMs, 6 Skippers, S to SE 5-10.  Better than forecast
9/13, 5 ODOMs, W 5-12, Nice Conditions
2015 Summer Series
Tuesdays, 5-7PM,  West Towne Retention Pond
6/30 7 ODOMs, 2SOMs, N 10-15, Fund Session.
6/23 Nice evening 5-10 SE
6/16 Canceled for lack of wind
6/9 8-10 knots, 6 ODOM, 11yr old sailor did very well.
6/2 S 10 knts, 8 ODOMs
5/26 SW 15-25, Fun but minor carnage
2015 Spring Series (Weekend)
5/17 Shifty SE, 10 knots, 7 ODOMs, 1RG-65.
5/9, Nice Conditions, N,NE,E 10knts, 4 ODOMs, did some 2 Vs 2 team racing
5/3, Madison Sail Expo on Monona Bay; great Club exposure; tough windy, weedy sailing
4/26 Frustratingly light and variable, 6 ODOMs
4/19, Perfect session, 7 well sailed ODOMs, SE 10-20 knots, 70°F.
Parked behind Chuck-E-Cheese and sailed off of inside east corner.  Great site lines, square course.
4/12, Crazy fun sailing, 7 ODOMs, S 15-25 knots

Two refurbished ODOM’s available for purchase locally
Two excellent out of area ODOMs available

Racing Classes:

  • DF-95
  • ODOM, Open

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